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Born  March 23, 1989 Death Sept 20, 2009
I will miss you  so much, my heart hurts for you. You were  always  there  when times were bad  and when I looked at you things  always became better.  I kissed  you good bye, but it will not make it better for me . Some day I said to you, I will see you and we will ride again in heaven . THAK YOU FOR ALL THE  LOVE  YOU GAVE TO OUR FAMLY AND THE  GOOD TIMES THAT WE HAD WITH YOU,  we will not forget you.   You are in god's  arms now.    
run and be free I  Love you  forever your  in my  heart, I will  never forget you.   You  will  be missed  
WE WENT TO a SHOW  WITH  SMOOTHEY,  AND RICHARD SHRAKE  HAD ME present HIM as A BALACED  HORSE. HE WAS 16 YEAR OLD AT THAT  TIME .  WE SHOWED  IN Illinois two times. He was on the local TV new that night, the year was 1998.  People fell in love with him at every show, and he loved being in the spot light.  He was a gentleman in the show ring, a true sight to behold.   WI , MO, There are no  photos of Smothey and I. I wish I had some , but I was always the one who took the photos, and it was difficult to be in the shot and take the picture at the same time.  I enjoyed ridding him in the show ring. I will miss the time I spent with him There will never be another Smothey for me. I look forward to the day we meet again .  
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